The Story of the Lost Child

The Story of the Lost Child

Elena Ferrante

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The fourth book in Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan quartet.

In this book, both are adults; Life's great discoveries have been made, its vagaries and losses have been suffered.

Through it all, the women's friendship, examined in its every detail over the course of four books, remains the gravitational centre of their lives. Both women once fought to escape the neighbourhood in which they grew up in prison of conformity, violence, and inviolable taboos. Elena married, moved to Florence, started a family, and published several well-received books.

But now, she has returned to Naples to be with the man she has always loved.

Lila, on the other hand, never succeeded in freeing herself from Naples. She has become a successful entrepreneur, but her success draws her into closer proximity with the nepotism, chauvinism, and criminal violence that infect her neighbourhood. Yet somehow this proximity to a world she has always rejected only brings her role as unacknowledged leader of that world into relief.

For Lila is unstoppable, unmanageable, unforgettable!

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