The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front

The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front

Nancy Revell

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'Emotional and gripping'
Take a Break

December 1943 As the war effort gathers steam in Europe, it's all hands on deck on the home front. Gloria is over the moon to be reunited with her sweetheart Jack. But her sons Bobby and Gordon are away with the Navy and still know nothing of their mother's divorce and new half-sister.

Rosie's squad of welders must work gruelling hours in the yard as they prepare for the Allied invasion of Normandy. All the while Rosie herself waits anxiously for news of her husband Peter, who is carrying out dangerous work as an undercover operative in France. Meanwhile welder Dorothy has a feeling that her beau Toby is planning to pop the question when he's next on leave.

But it seems that her head is being turned by someone closer to home... It will take great strength and friendship if the shipyard girls are to weather the storms to come.

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