The Secret Life of Sam-9780062941190

The Secret Life of Sam

Ventrella, Kim

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The timelessness of Bridge to Terabithia meets the wonder of Big Fish in this bittersweet, magical story, perfect for fans of Barbara O'Connor, Lisa Graff, and Dan Gemeinhart. When Sam's dad dies in a car accident, Sam is shuttled off to the dusty town of Holler, Oklahoma, to live with a long-lost aunt. There he encounters a mysterious mangy cat who leads him to an unassuming tree that turns out to be a portal-a passage through which Sam can revisit his old life for a few minutes at a time. Sam's visits to the bayou become stranger and stranger. Pa's old stories unfold around him in beautiful but sinister detail, and Pa is not quite himself. Still, Sam is desperate to find a way for them to stay together-no matter what it takes.