The RBG Way: The Secrets of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Success

The RBG Way: The Secrets of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Success

Rebecca Gibian

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Understanding and applying the wisdom of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg! Given her incredible tenure as a Supreme Court justice as well as her monumental impact on the modern women's rights movement, Ruth Bader Ginsburg became one of the most prominent political leaders of her age.

To complement her judicial significance, she also became, before her death, one of the most culturally popular political figures in US history. Not only did her workout routine go viral (as detailed in a book by her trainer), but RBG's story has been featured in multiple critically acclaimed films.

Organized into three parts and then broken down into more specific chapters within each part, The RBG Way offers wisdom from Justice Ginsburg, based on comments she made on particular topics of importance. Insight is offered on subjects such as women's rights, creating lasting partnerships, overcoming hardship, how to be brave, and how to create lasting change. Rebecca Gibian offers her seasoned journalistic perspective to shed light on beliefs that RBG held strongly, in a manner that is both comprehensive and accessible.

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