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The Prison Psychiatrist's Wife

The Prison Psychiatrist's Wife

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The Prison Psychiatrist's Wife is a gripping true story of a Herculean project. Sue Johnson's psychiatrist husband Bob, recruited to work with notorious offenders at Parkhurst Prison, sets out to discover whether he can change dangerous and violent men. What begins as a bold and enlightened experiment leads him into clashes with prison culture and eventually to the High Court with threats to invoke the Official Secrets Act. From her unique point of view as an unfettered outsider, the author casts a searingly moving eye onto the workings of our deepest dungeons and the politics that feed them. This book is an unforgettable account from the perspective of the unseen wife. A rare 'outsider' view of prison which casts new light on hidden events. Of wide professional, penal and general interest - a woman's voice in a strongly male setting.




Author/s: Johnson, Sue

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