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The Price of Silence : A memoir of loss and courage

The Price of Silence : A memoir of loss and courage

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How does it feel when, in the middle of your life, you come to the shattering realisation that you and your younger sister were sexually abused as young girls?How, having endured years of tragedy as a consequence, do you come to terms with uncovering a trauma that had confused and disempowered you?And what is the effect on a woman trying to make her way in the world when so much of what it means to be a woman has been taken away?One writer's unflinching struggle to make sense of her life, The Price of Silence answers these and many more searching questions in a courageous and heartfelt attempt to dissect what took place and bring the crimes to light. Sometimes a book can put into words the feelings that have haunted people's lives. For anyone who has suffered the physical and emotional pain of child abuse and experienced a lifetime of flashbacks, this is invaluable reading.




Author/s: Pascal-Thomas, Helene

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