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The Polish Girl

Adler, Malka

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In the eye of the war That tore the world apart A mother wants a son A daughter needs a mother Winter 1939: Danusha and her family are forced to flee their home when the Nazis invade Poland. Danusha's mother, Anna, changes her name and secures a position as a housekeeper in a German doctor's mansion in Krakow where Gestapo meetings are hosted in the kitchen... Her secret is their salvation, but what Danusha remembers most is the solitude, with only her baby brother and the girl in the mirror for company. All Anna ever wanted was a firstborn son. All Danusha ever wanted was a mother who would love her like a firstborn son. Instead she got one who could look a Nazi straight in the eye but not into the eyes of her own daughter. It is only years later, when their neighbours gather in the living room to hear Anna's stories, that Danusha finally realises her mother was never a cold unknowable sea but a storm-wracked sky - sometimes bright, sometimes dark, and always watching over her. The Polish Girl is a heartbreaking and unforgettable historical novel by the author of international bestseller The Brothers of Auschwitz - perfect for fans of Antonio Iturbe and Edith Eger.

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