The Pier-9781542031431

The Pier

Brolly, Matt

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DI Blackwell will do anything to keep her niece safe. And the bomber knows it. When a local school is the target of a bomb threat, DI Louise Blackwell finds herself embroiled in her most personal case to date. Not only is her niece among the terrified pupils-there's also a chilling note hidden under the device: Next time you won't be so lucky, DI Blackwell... The explosion of a nearby caravan offers a connection...and a suspect. But when he hangs himself after interrogation, leaving another note promising more carnage, Blackwell fears there's an accomplice. Could Tim Finch, a former DCI on remand for attempted murder, be pulling strings from prison? He certainly seems set on bringing Blackwell down, if only to derail the case against him. Or could the devious nephew of Max Walton, the serial killer Blackwell shot and killed, be seeking revenge on behalf of his uncle?As the threats escalate and pressure to solve the case mounts, Blackwell is sucked into a series of horrific events that reach a chaotic and terrifying crescendo on Weston-super-Mare's Grand Pier. Can she stand firm against a rival hell-bent on destroying her-or will she fall into the killer's deadly trap?

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