The Ninth Dominion-9781504074940

The Ninth Dominion

Land, Jon

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The government's most feared retired operative hunts an asylum's worth of escaped convicts and a serial killerwho executes entire towns A murderer roams America-the worst the country has ever seen. Nicknamed Tiny Tim, he doesn't just kill individuals or families; he wipes out small towns. First Dixon Springs, Montana: population 108. Next, the 115 souls of Daisy, Georgia, done away with using his hands, a knife, and a silenced machine gun. The FBI considers him unstoppable, and so they call Jared Kimberlain. The fearsome retired operative wants nothing to do with it, having gotten his fill of hunting serial killers years before, when he was nearly killed capturing a vicious psychopath named Andrew Harrison Leeds. But now, along with eighty-three other inmates, Leeds has escaped from the island institution where he was imprisoned. Between him and Tiny Tim, no soul in America will be safe until Kimberlain cleans up the mess.

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