The Lost Sessions-9781910183298

The Lost Sessions

Beaumont, Sebastian

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Will could never have predicted how much his life would change when he is knocked from his bicycle by a hit-and-run driver whilst returning home from the London clinic where he works as a psychotherapist. His wife, Lara, takes him to an A&E where he is diagnosed with concussion. Having cancelled his clients' upcoming appointments, he spends much of the following week in fitful sleep whilst Lara goes out to work. When Will returns to his practice, something is very weird and very wrong. It seems that Will - or a form of Will - held the appointments with his regular clients whilst he was at home asleep. This Will gave some shocking therapy that was completely out of character for him - and he finds himself bringing up things in their history of which they themselves have no memory. The sessions go badly. Will's one new client is Guy, who claims to be regularly disturbed in his flat by his sister, dressed in a red sweater and white jeans and who has been dead for five years. Walking home, Will passes the London Eye. A young woman in a gondola smiles at him and takes his picture. She wears a red sweater and white jeans. When Will takes Lara to a restaurant, the same woman appears at the next table and, to Lara's consternation, smiles at Will. Later, she appears at his studio, having made an appointment. She says her name is Emma, that she is indeed Guy's sister and is dead. She wants Will to be her therapist. Will refuses, telling her to see her doctor. But Emma clearly has other plans. Chance encounters with her become more frequent and more bizarre. What's more, as they start to take a toll on Will's marriage, his livelihood and even his sense of self, it seems that Emma knows a lot more about Will than she should.

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