The Inconvenient German-9781448306411

The Inconvenient German

Steiner, Peter

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Willi Geismeier is proving to be a headache for the Nazis yet again as leader of the Flower Gang - a secret organisation helping people flee Germany. But is his cover about to be blown? 1944. Captain Charlie Herder's plane is shot down in woods near Munich. A week later, he has managed to evade capture by the SS, but for how much longer? As the American pilot desperately tries to make his way to the French border, a huge manhunt ensues. Former Munich police detective Willi Geismeier is still proving to be a thorn in the side of the Gestapo in his new incarnation as leader of the Flower Gang, a flourishing network of secret operatives helping Jews and others escape Germany. But a catastrophe occurs when the gang's plan to help Charlie is compromised, and Willi faces a race against time to work out how their scheme was derailed if he and his operatives are to stand a chance of surviving the war . . .

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