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The Hastening Storm

Barrington, C.F.

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The third gripping instalment in a dystopian thriller series where modern-day recruits compete in an fight to the death with ancient weapons in the streets of Edinburgh. Live by the rules. Die by the rules. Or break them and take your chances in the chaos that follows... The Pantheon Games are the biggest underground event in the world, with millions watching online as modern-day recruits battle to the death with weapons of the ancient world. Tyler Maitland left his life behind to search for his sister, who disappeared after joining the Pantheon's Edinburgh chapter. But one year on, he's still no closer to finding her... After the shocking climax of the Grand Battle, Tyler must now find a way to forge a new brotherhood amongst his enemies. There will be new identities, new teammates, a new cause... but the same blood will flow on the streets while those at the top enjoy the show and count the money rolling in. This season will be like no other. Tyler must accept a new mission, one that hasn't been attempted in twenty years of the Pantheon. His life, and the search for his sister, depends on it. Squid Game meets The Hunger Games in this fast-paced, action-packed thriller series. 'I've rarely read anything so immersive. It grabbed me by the scruff of my neck on the first page and only dropped me stunned and exhausted with the final sentence.' Ruth HoganPraise for the Pantheon series:'The moment you ask yourself if it could just be true, the story has you.' Anthony Riches 'Gripping and original - a terrific read!' Joe Heap 'The Wolf Mile is a thrilling ride and a heck of a debut. C.F. Barrington knocks it out of the park.' Matthew Harffy 'A brilliant eccentric concept which hits you like a fever dream.' Giles Kristian

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