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The Great Book of Monster Legends : Stories and Myths from around the World

The Great Book of Monster Legends : Stories and Myths from around the World

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The Great Book of Monster Legends is a fun introduction to mythical creatures from all over the world including North America, Scotland, France, Norway, Spain, Arabia and more! Readers are guided through the book by two girls, Erin and Nora, who found an old notebook in their grandfather's attic. He was a monster expert, and these notebooks are filled with his research. But some of his research is incomplete, so they decide to take on where he left off investigating monsters across the globe. They start in North America where the well-known Bigfoot has been sighted. Then they look for more proof of the Gargoyles in France, the Bakeneko in Japan, Medusa in Greece, and so many more! Some even have short stories of documented sightings of the beasts. Disney graphic novel author, Tea Orsi presents the information in the form of small descriptive cards with curiosities and highlights. Award winning illustrator Anna Lang enchants the reader with her amazing illustrations and captivating characters. Readers will be fully engaged while learning everything they've ever wanted to know about monster legends.




Author/s: Orsi, Tea

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