The God Secret-9781913606619

The God Secret

Lalibertes, Yves

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A first anthrax attack is thwarted. The second and third cannot be stopped and many school children die. A senator is murdered with a medieval device in his skull upon the Canadian parliament building tower. Templar knights, a Cainite cult, clashing through history from the caves below the Niagara Falls in the 1800s, a turn of the century insane asylum, Catholic Monsignors, torture, and ship wreck diving, to a present-day plague doctor, carnivorous fish, an underground security council bunker, a forgotten island in Uzbekistan and Russian agents. US and Canadian officials must work together. A young man, a medieval historian, a young woman, a Canadian Secret Service Agent come together to solve the mystery before the final attacks. What is the secret? They must follow the clues. It is a race against the clock!

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