The Estate-9781529350135

The Estate

Costello, Liza

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'SINISTER AND WONDERFULLY ATMOSPHERIC' B A PARIS 'TO BE READ IN A SINGLE SITTING, WITH THE LIGHTS ON' JOHN CONNOLLYIt is only me, after all, who suspects me of murder... Beth should have heeded her instinct. Instead, persuaded by her charismatic boyfriend, she finds herself house-sitting alone, in a 'ghost' estate on the edge of town. He told her it would be the key to their future. With the money they saved, they could buy their dream home. He'd be there whenever he could. Or so he said. But Beth doesn't like being alone. She begins hearing strange noises at night, and wonders if the house could be haunted. As her drinking worsens, it becomes difficult to convince Jason that she's not imagining things. Could it all be in her head?Slowly, however, Beth realises that there are very real dangers on the estate. And people who seemed friendly are keeping dark secrets, which they don't want her to uncover. And maybe Beth herself is capable of terrible things, if she is pushed far enough... 'EERIE AND COMPULSIVE - ONCE I STARTED READING IT I COULDN'T STOP.' ANDREA CARTER

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