The Densham Do : A Very Distinctive Wedding-9781914471087

The Densham Do : A Very Distinctive Wedding

Harris, Bruce

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This is a wedding that will change lives - and not just the lives of the bride and the groom. Devon-born London lawyer Kate Densham is to marry her colleague, Robert Harrington. Her father, a senior university professor, is involved in a substantial land deal in which the university is seeking to sell a large chunk of the land it owns to a developer. Kate and her fiance are acting for the possible buyers of the land. They know that the organisation is involved in criminal activity and has strong ties to the chairman of the local planning committee, and believe they can take effective action against them 'from the inside'... But don't forget - as all of this is happening, there's still the wedding to attend. From Matthew Densham, the uncle of the bride, to Celia Harrington, the grandmother of the groom; Phyllis Drayton, friend of the bride's parents, to Simon Roche, an ex-university friend of the groom; this is a wedding that will impact the lives of all that are involved.

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