The Collective-9781409179085

The Collective

Gaylin, Alison

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'Gripping, suspenseful, and dark' - HARLAN COBEN------------------------------------------------How far would a mother go to right a wrong?Camille Gardner is a grieving mother who, five years after her daughter's death, is obsessed with the man she believes to be responsible. Because Camille wants revenge. Enter: the Collective. A group of women who desire justice above all else. A group of women who enact revenge on the men who have wronged them. But as Camille gets more involved in the group she must decide whether these women are the heroes or the villains. And if she chooses wrong, will she ever get out alive?------------------------------------------------'Electrifying.' People'An astonishing feat.' Megan Abbott'A breathtaking twist.' Publishers Weekly'I can't stop thinking about this book.' Alafair Burke'Layered, engrossing and nerve shattering.' Lisa Unger'A dark and sinister ride' Peter Swanson

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