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The Blood Isles

Barrington, C.F.

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The second in a dystopian thriller series, where modern-day recruits compete in an ancient fight to the death in the streets of Edinburgh. New Season. New Rules. Same deadly game... The Pantheon Games are the biggest underground event in the world, followed by millions online. New recruits must leave behind their twenty-first century lives and vie for dominance in a gruelling battle to the death armed only with ancient weapons - and their wits. Last season's new recruits Tyler and Lana have lived to fight another day, but now they face a series of even more lethal clashes before the Grand Battle that will bring the Season to a close. It's survival of the fittest in the most brutal fashion imaginable. As they race toward the bloody end, Lana must finally face the demons of her past, and Tyler will have to fight with the mother of all targets on his back... Squid Game meets The Hunger Games in this fast-paced, action-packed thriller series. Praise for the Pantheon series:'The moment you ask yourself if it could just be true, the story has you.' Anthony Riches 'Gripping and original - a terrific read!' Joe Heap 'The Wolf Mile is a thrilling ride and a heck of a debut. C.F. Barrington knocks it out of the park.' Matthew Harffy 'So gripping that I sometimes find myself holding my breath while I'm reading!' Ruth Hogan 'A brilliant eccentric concept which hits you like a fever dream.' Giles Kristian

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