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Ten Owies

Johnston, Tony

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A hilarious story about ten silly children who accidently end up with ten silly owies. This big-hearted, positive-minded picture book is an irreverent ode to the most universal of all childhood experiences-the "boo-boo"-and a perfect book to share with anyone recovering from a scraped knee or stubbed toe. Ouch, that hurt!From ice-cream induced brain freezes to bee stings to stubbed toes and bruises, ten children get ten owies that can only be cured by the following: a kiss, a hug, lots of love, and as many colorful Band-Aids as possible. Full of rhythm, repetition, playful language, silliness, and love, Ten Owies introduces young readers to numbers from one to ten, as well as the notion that everyone gets a "boo-boo" every now and then. Tony Johnston's silly text, combined with Annabel Tempest's lively illustrations, captures all the drama of childhood while also offering plenty of humor, sympathy, and healing. The perfect book to share with a child needing a little tender love and care!

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