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Swan Songs

Swan Songs

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W. MAXWELL PRINCE�(ICE CREAM MAN) continues to push the comics envelope with�SWAN SONGS-a moving, multi-artist anthology that explores the way things END.and also how they never really do.���The End of the World.��The End of a Marriage.��The End of Eden.��The End of a Sentence. The End of Anhedonia.��.even The End of the Sidewalk!�And along for the terminal ride are some of the industry's best, brightest artists!��Martin Simmonds�(DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH),�Caspar Wijngaard�(HOMESICK PILOTS),�Filipe Andrade�(The Many Deaths of Laila�Starr),�Caitlin Yarsky�(Black Hammer), Alex Eckman-Lawn (renowned collage master), and Mart�n Morazzo (ICE CREAM MAN) each contribute a chapter in their respective (and beloved) styles, resulting in a stunning melange of powerful stories that weave their way through death, love, divorce, crime, therapy, and language itself. �All things come to a close; these are the SWAN SONGS.��Collects SWAN SONGS #1-6




Author/s: Prince, W. Maxwell

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