Stick Mannie : Stick Man in Scots-9781785304286

Stick Mannie : Stick Man in Scots

Donaldson, Julia

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Stick Mannie bides in the faimly treeWi his Stick Wifie Love and their stick bairnies three . . . After his morning jog goes horribly awry, this is the tale of Stick Man's epic journey to find his family, through the wilderness and seasons of the year. Can he make it past the playful puppy, through the river, past the nesting swan and even survive fiery flames in time for Christmas? It's not easy being a stick man, but with a bit of bravery, a touch of luck and a little help from a festive friend, he might just succeed! Full of fun rhymes, adventurous twists and turns plus endlessly charming illustrations, Stick Man is a modern Christmas classic sure to entertain the whole family.

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