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Something Wicked : The perfect cosy, witchy read with a murder mystery twist!

Something Wicked : The perfect cosy, witchy read with a murder mystery twist!

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Gilmore Girls in your next autumn obsession, with a murder mystery twist!Recipe for a potion to demolish life as you know it:Step one: pack up your life and move to your aunt�_Ts old house in a small, sleepy town. Step two: discover that she was a witch. Step three: discover that you�_Tre also a witch. Step four: Add a sprinkle of butterflies for your childhood friend (who�_Ts suddenly incredibly hot), a dash of prying neighbours who want you to leave their town and never come back, and �_" the key ingredient �_" a murder on the steps of your aunt�_Ts old tea shop (which, as it happens, is also a magic apothecary). Voila. Your spell is complete. Readers love Something Wicked:'Such a unique book �_" I loved the plot, and oh my god the characters were amazing!' 4 star Netgalley review'A delight from start to finish... super cosy and had all the vibes I was looking for. A cute, close community feel and a great main character to get behind.' 5 star Netgalley review'Such a cosy, adorable and easy read, I could not put it down.' 5 star Netgalley review'I absolutely loved this book, I couldn�_Tt put it down. A loveable may character who you really root for. A lovely Halloween read!' 5 star Netgalley review'I loved this book so much. As a huge fan of gilmore girls this had the perfect small town vibe. A really cozy book perfect for anyone who loves witches, mystery and a little hint of romance!' 5 star Netgalley review




Author/s: Rue, Gretchen

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