Sleep Easy, Brother-9781739830908

Sleep Easy, Brother

Cartwright, M D

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Ben Croxley's life becomes a series of tragedies. His father has been killed in a traffic accident and then his brother is taken from him following a heart attack which he thinks is a result of drugs. The sub-culture of drug-taking is beginning to take hold in 1960s UK and Ben's brother appears to be an early casualty. The Croxley family is devastated when the loss of husband and son is too much for Ben's mother to take; she loses her battle with grief and leaves Ben in the care of his aunt and uncle. He sets out on a career path which leads him to the kitchen of a five-star hotel in London. He has the opportunity to assist his boss with outside catering where he encounters Max Steyning, a man heavily involved with the London club scene and what goes on beneath the surface. The suspicious death of Steyning gives rise to a police investigation which Ben becomes a part of. His determination to succeed results in an exchange with a French chef in the Rosegarth's partner hotel in Rheims. Although his time in France is hectic, he manages to form relationships and further his career, but his past catches up with him. He is recognised in Paris by an adversary and his life becomes a threat which must be dealt with.

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