Burnside, Heather

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TWO SISTERS ALONE. Sophie and Kelsey have always had each other. When their mum is diagnosed with cancer and their dad fails to step up, they're forced to move into the care system. But Sophie knows they'll be okay as long as she's there to protect her sister. ONE FINAL CHANCE. But when Kelsey is found a foster family and Sophie can't join her, Sophie's left in an unsafe situation in the home, forced to do things against her will. Finding her own foster family feels like a relief, but it's short lived when her trust in her new foster parents is betrayed. NO GOING BACK. With nowhere to turn, Sophie finds herself homeless. But when she finds her new street family, Sophie joins the working girls and her new identity as Sapphire is complete. It's a hard life working the streets, especially when those around her look to take advantage, but can the dream of one day finding Kelsey keep her going?Heather Burnside is back with this completely unputdownable, heart-racing series, perfect for all fans of Kimberley Chambers and Martina Cole. Readers love Sapphire: 'Absolutely loved this book I couldn't put it down... Just brilliant enjoyed this so much' NetGalley Reviewer, 'Oh my I was totally gripped... A book to pull at your heart. I just loved the feeling of belonging in there with them all. Great read from start to finish' Goodreads Reviewer, 'A gritty read, by the new queen of crime' Goodreads Reviewer, 'Yet another amazing read by Heather. I love this series. Loads of twists. And can only hope for the next instalment soon' NetGalley Reviewer, 'Wow... Great read' NetGalley Reviewer, 'Heartbreaking... You will root for Sapphire to be able to turn her life around. Well worthy of 5 stars' Lucysbooks26, 'I was so gripped... I had to find out what happened. The book really flowed so well I absolutely loved it' Goodreads Reviewer, 'Gripping and realistic account of how someone can fall through the system and through no fault of their own become homeless and do what they can to survive. I really enjoyed this 'Goodreads Reviewer, 'I've read all of Heather's books and this one certainly didn't disappoint... Heartbreaking... Be prepared, once you start reading, it's hard to put down' NetGalley Reviewer, 'Fantastic read, love this series and how all the books merge in places around the girls. Glad this one ended with a great ending hoping there are more on the working girls to come' NetGalley Reviewer,

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