Run Like A Girl : 50 Extraordinary and Inspiring Sportswomen-9781787081277

Run Like A Girl : 50 Extraordinary and Inspiring Sportswomen

Brown, Danielle

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All over the world, there are female athletes breaking barriers, pushing limits and achieving amazing things, but where did their journeys begin? And what challenges did they have to overcome to get where they are today? The award-winning Run Like a Girl is a collection of fascinating biographical stories told by 50 highly successful sportswomen, from boxing superstar Nicola Adams to record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur and fearless mountain biker Rachel Atherton. As well as giving an insight into their influences, motivations and achievements, each story reminds us that failing can teach us just as much as winning; success isn't limited to the sports field; and 'running like a girl' can lead you all the way to the top.

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