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Steeped in the tradition of body horror, Revolversis a story of duty, love, betrayal, and revenge set against the backgroundof an alternate vision of present-day Detroit. Hampton Wales is a police detective who notonly has to deal with victims of violent crimes but with his own death as hefinds himself trapped in the Moratorium, a hellscape where people from his pastnow hunt him, and where the torment of eternity is manifested through continuousblood sport centered around the Gyre, an ancient device that may hold the key tothe mystery surrounding his demise. Led bya mysterious figure known as La Piton, Hampton must struggle to survive longenough to solve one more murder, even as the effects of the Moratorium begin tooverwhelm him. But in this world of endless shootouts and death, as the ghostswith guns, the Revolvers, battle with each other, Hampton will realize thatthere is something even more terrifying waiting for him to uncover... thetruth. Collects REVOLVERS#1-4




Author/s: Platten, John Zuur

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