Michaels, Sam

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She's out of retirement - and out for revengeWhen Georgina Garrett wakes in the night to find intruders in her house, she knows she must do everything she can to keep her children safe. But just when she thinks the ordeal is over, she realises something is terribly wrong. She arrives at her crime-lord husband David Maynard's London house to find a bloodbath. Six of David's best men lie dead and he is nowhere to be found. Georgina may have walked away from the game but she's still the best player on the street. Now, she will stop at nothing to get her husband back and to make whoever took him pay for ever daring to set foot in her town. 'Terrific - read it and be hooked!' - bestselling author Jessie Keane on TricksterReaders are loving RAVEN! 'Fast moving, gritty and not for the faint hearted' 'Another fantastic episode in the series' 'Yet another amazing book by Sam Michaels' 'Gritty, violent, edge-of-your-seat tension. The end - phew!' 'This is a BRILLIANT book and Sam's fans will love it. Worthy of more than 5 stars!'

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