Radio Therapy : a musical memoir-9781914913846

Radio Therapy : a musical memoir

Spooner, Rob

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Have you ever been seduced by a record on the radio? Have you ever had a record take you way, way back to a certain time and place? Well, it's now time for some records like these, via 'Radio Therapy', brought to your by your DJ narrator, Lugwin Loggins, a.k.a. 'The Emperor'. It's 1999. Lugwin Loggins is broadcasting from The Southern Star, a community radio station moored in Harbour Head, a fishing village in west Cornwall. Lugwin plays records that help him to make sense of his troubled past as part of his radio therapy. Can 'Radio Therapy' help Lugwin to overcome his past experiences and manage his brittle mental health? Tune into this countdown of one hundred tracks and their associated stories to find out.

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