Radiant Red, Volume 1: A Massive-Verse Book-9781534323209

Radiant Red, Volume 1: A Massive-Verse Book

Chen, Cherish

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To her students, Satomi Sone is a diligent middleschool teacher. To her fiance and parents, she's the rock of the family. To the world, she's RADIANT RED, bank robber-turned-matter-absorbingsuperhero. Butwhen Chicago's criminal underbelly comes calling - not to mention the nosyreporter on her doorstep and the 2.5 million dollars in cash hidden in the airvents of her house - she's going to have to decide who she is, andquicklyi?9;before the world chooses forher. From writerCHERISH CHEN and all-star art team DAVID LAFUENTE and MIQUEL MUERTO comes astandalone story from the world of the Image Comics smash hit RADIANTBLACK!RADIANT RED is a part of theMASSIVE-VERSE!Collects RADIANT RED#1-5WHAT IS THEMASSIVE-VERSE?Kyle Higgins & Marcelo Costa'sbreakout hit Radiant Black took superhero storytelling to new heights. ButRadiant Black isn't the only character inhabiting the MASSIVE-VERSE. There's awhole universe for readers to explore! Characters like Rogue Sun, Inferno GirlRed, The Dead Lucky and more yet to be revealed each of them has a differentstory to tell, different adversaries to face and they each occupy a verydifferent corner of this shared universe. What are you waiting for? Now's thetime to get into the MASSIVE-VERSE!

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