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There will be no more puzzles in the Eklund Puzzle House. Twelve-year-old Perigee loves logic and science. But handling difficult emotions is harder, especially when it comes to their dad. So, they've come up with the Plan: a scheme that involves visiting the infamous Eklund Puzzle House their grandfather built and reuniting Perigee's unhappy father with his estranged mother. Perigee is looking forward to some much-needed fun and relief from their problems at home, but when Perigee and their father arrive, Grandma Eklund is cold and distant. Stranger yet, the house seems to have a mind of its own. Within its walls are shifting corridors, secret codes, and plenty of mysteries. And Grandma Eklund refuses to let Perigee solve any of them!




Author/s: Reese, Jenn

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