Pandemic: Patient Zero : A Pandemic Novel-9781839080210

Pandemic: Patient Zero : A Pandemic Novel

Bridgeman, Amanda

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Based on the smash hit boardgame, here's the debut of an incredible new novel series that shows just what humanity can achieve when experts work together, to ensure a global pandemic is never allowed to break out againBodhi Patel is the brand new Lead Epidemiologist for the world's top epidemic specialists, Global Health Agency, but there's no time to settle in: his new boss, Helen Taylor, deploys GHA to contain a mysterious new killer virus spreading from Peru into Brazil. On the ground they learn that the virus is loose in a region controlled by a heavily armed drug warlord, and the race against time to discover a cure just got a whole lot tougher. Meanwhile, Bodhi finds himself with a newly reshuffled team still smarting from the changes, including his ex - the last person he expected to be working with.

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