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Open Your Eyes

Fitt, Heather J

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Absolutely amazing . . . had me hooked from the very first page . . . I couldn't put in down and read it in one sitting! -Goodreads reviewer, five starsA Scottish journalist enters a dark online world in this unsettling novel about resentment and rage . . . Edinburgh reporter Frankie has finally been assigned a high-profile crime story about a series of sexual assaults, and she relishes her big break. Her article focuses on the issue of women's safety and looks at why conditions haven't improved since the era of the Yorkshire Ripper. Frankie begins to face a torrent of abuse online, attracting the attention of a group of men who want to prevent her from covering the story. But she won't back down. What she doesn't realise is that in this murky online world, one man is plotting a spectacular and shocking attack. Can Frankie continue to investigate and walk away unharmed?

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