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Not a Book About Bunnies

Not a Book About Bunnies

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Debut author Amanda Henke shines a funny, fact-filled, and heartwarming spotlight on one of nature's most overlooked and misunderstood creatures - the loveable (but not-so-huggable) Porcupine!There are no books about the most underrated, majestic forest creature of all time ... porcupines! But there are loads about bunnies. Can't Porcupine have just this one book to herself? What is it with these attention-seeking, book-hogging carrot crunchers?!So be sure to ignore any floppy ears or cotton tails. That is NOT what this book is about. As Porcupine vies desperately for the reader's attention, one little bunny follows to get her attention too. Can a fluffy forest critter and a prickly, aspiring author forget their differences and become friends?With charm and a quirky, self-aware sense of humor, Not a Book About Bunnies will have readers of all ages giggling as they watch this unexpected friendship unfold. A perfect picture book for little animal admirers, nature nuts, and especially porcupine pals-because this is a 100% porcupine story.




Author/s: Henke, Amanda

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