Necromance Vol. 5-9781638587217

Necromance Vol. 5

Doumoto, Yuuki

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The party reunites in time to set sail for the land of sun, Akebono! Hot on a lead, they join in the revelry of the sizzling Overlord Overload Summer Festival. An accidental date takes a sinister turn when Lyco and Vib stumble through a magic gate, trapping them in a hellish face-off against the powerful Lupine. Are Lyco's talents strong enough to hold off the powerful demon? Elsewhere, Shibuki must calm the roiling tensions between demons and humans in Akebono before things get out of hand...Will the Demon Lord-slaying party of friends be able to pull off the feat a second time? FINAL VOLUME Series Overview: In the final battle with the Demon King, Shibuki performs the ultimate sacrifice, dying to protect his childhood love. His only regret is not confessing before his demise. Luckily for him, it seems God has other plans for this Hero and Saint duo. Shibuki rises from the dead during his own funeral! Shibuki's new chance at life isn't all it appears, for it's no "life" at all. The Demon King laid one last curse on him during their duel, and now Shibuki is undead! To be freed from the grievous curse of undeath, he and his team must hunt down and defeat the Demon Lord once and for all! Again!

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