Benneyworth, John

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When Mus-Iggle was little, his jazz musician father wanted him to play music, but he couldn't - and he was so sad. His mother was an opera singer who wanted him to sing for her - but he couldn't - and he was so so sad!But change is on the horizon as a new music school teacher showed him how to talk with crochets and quavers and soon they chattered in harmony. He loved the fun and soon Mus-Iggle was writing songs and music. He really became a successful composer - but wait until you read the end of the story. You're going to love it!A wonderful addition to the Iggles books, this is the fourth book and suitable for children aged 3 years and over. The series consists of short stories that use repetition to explore language and speech. Each book contains colourful illustrations that will captivate young readers attention. This is the fourth book in a planned ten book series.

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