Moby Dick (Easy Classics)-9781782268505

Moby Dick (Easy Classics)

Barder, Gemma

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An adapted and illustrated edition of Herman Melville's Moby Dick - at an easy-to-read level for all ages! Also includes a QR code for the free audiobook!Ishmael is looking for work at sea and joins Captain Ahab and his crew aboard the magnificent ship, the Pequod. Here Ishmael hears stories of the dangerous white whale - Moby Dick. When Ahab seeks revenge on the creature that took his leg, will the crew survive their fateful encounter? Or will this be another cautionary tale to be passed through the ages?About The American Classics Children's Collection:From fancy parties with Gatsby in 1920s New York to sailing the ocean in search of the monstrous white whale Moby Dick - discover 10 iconic American classics adapted for children aged 7+.

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