Mission in Malmoe-9780857162380

Mission in Malmoe

MacLeod, Torquil

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Anita Sundstroem is just finding her feet as chief inspector. Her first big case is an old couple's apparent suicide pact, but if it is murder as she suspects, there seems to be no motive or suspects. Complicating her life further is the arrival of an FBI agent who is tasked with tracking down a Swede accused of a murder in Chicago. As Anita Sunstroem's ninth mystery unfolds, the past comes back to haunt her taking her back to 2006 where she has only been with Chief Inspector Erik Moberg's Criminal Investigation Squad for a year when they tackle the aftermath of an armed robbery at a cash storage facility in Malmoe. The raid has left one security guard dead and there is no sign of the stolen millions. Though the team make early progress, they soon become frustrated as the investigation stalls. Then a murder with a possible connection to the audacious heist only raises more questions than answers.

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