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Mihi Ever After

Mihi Ever After

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Mihi Whan Park loves fairy tales. She wants to be a princess more than anything, but everyone tells her she's not the princess type. But when she and her new friends, Savannah and Reese, discover a portal to a fairy tale realm inside the fridge in their school library, Mihi finally gets her shot: She and her friends can learn to be princesses! They just have to make it through a very rigorous training program first . . . But princess training turns out to be more than Mihi bargained for, and the fairy tale world is not the wonderful place she imagined. Soon, Savannah and Reese decide they're ready to go home, and Mihi has to decide where her loyalties lie: With her friends and her future at home, or with her princess dreams?




Author/s: Keller, Tae

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