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Marya Khan and the Incredible Henna Party (Marya Khan #1)

Marya Khan and the Incredible Henna Party (Marya Khan #1)

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Now in paperback, perfect for fans of Ivy + Bean and Dory Fantasmagory, a charming new chapter book series by the author of the successful Yasmin series about a third-grader whose plans may backfire but whose persistence and heart are inspiring Marya's eighth birthday is coming up in a week, and all she wants is an over-the-top birthday party just like the ones Alexa, her rich neighbor, always throws. When Alexa parades into school with fancy invitations, Marya can't help herself-she claims that she's having the most epic henna party ever. Now she has to convince her family to make it happen. Enter Operation Help the Khans! Marya's siblings clearly need help with their projects. Maybe she could cook dinner for her parents or clean her grandmother's room? Except everything Marya does seems to end in disaster. Will Marya and her family be able pull it together and throw the best party ever?!




Author/s: Faruqi, Saadia

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