Madwoman of the Sacred Heart-9781643376523

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart

Jodorowsky, Alejandro

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The comedic and ironic misadventures of a confused Philosophy professor on the path to spiritual awakening. From Legendary artist Moebius (The Incal, Arzach, Blueberry) and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Incal, Metabarons, Jodorowsky's Dune). Alan Mangel has it all. As a popular professor at the world-famous Universite de La Sorbonne, he is wealthy, married, and academically acclaimed. On his sixtieth birthday, however, his life crumbles as a beautiful young student claims she has received a holy vision that Mangel is to impregnate her with the second coming of John the Baptist. Thus begins a wild existential and spiritual journey that challenges Mangel's very reality when everything once true is proved to be false, while everything once false is proved to be true.

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