Lucky Luke Vol. 82: Rin Tin Can's Ark-9781800440845

Lucky Luke Vol. 82: Rin Tin Can's Ark


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A cowboy who shoots faster than his own shadow, his sarcastic horse, a quartet of incredibly stupid bandits - this is the Old West at its funniest. The 82nd adventure of Lucky Luke, the Lonesome Cowboy! Ages 8+ Arriving in Cattle Gulch, Lucky Luke runs into an unexpected scene: an apparent crackpot called Ovid Byrde is about to get lynched. The man's revolutionary opinions - animal welfare and the sanctity of life - aren't particularly well-received in this town full of ranchers and cowboys! After Luke intervenes, though, the locals simply ignore Byrde ... until he suddenly finds gold, and a pack of unscrupulous bandits take advantage of the poor idealist to establish a vegetarian dictatorship!

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