Loose Head : Confessions of an (un)professional rugby player

Loose Head : Confessions of an (un)professional rugby player

Joe Marler

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The hilarious, unfiltered truth about being a rugby player - from the horsey's mouth. How to survive the force of 30 car crashes a game... What not to call Eddie Jones.... Exposing the secret naked wrestling scene.... The ludicrous player who bought a flash car he couldn't fit his twenty-stone behind into (er...that'll be me)

This book is not just about how I got back on my horse and went clippity-clop all the way to the World Cup final in Japan. It's the story of how a fat kid who had to live up to the nickname Psycho grew up to play (and party) for over a decade with rugby's greatest pros.

From melting opponents in tackles and propping up scrums, to losing blood, sweat and ears in the name of the great sport of rugby. In my world, you never know how the ball will bounce...

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