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Loaded Bible, Volume 2: Blood of My Blood

Loaded Bible, Volume 2: Blood of My Blood

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Decades after the events of the previous LOADED BIBLE,and a devastating war, the vampire-hunting clone of Jesus is a bigger outlawthan ever. He works to defend a flock of outcasts trying to carve out a life inthe wastelands bordering civilization because civilization doesn�_Tt wantthem. Much has changed on the dome-coveredstreets of New Vatican City as well. Everyday citizens challenge thechurch�_Ts control more and more, forcing a deadly compromise to bolster thechurch�_Ts power. Much as they cloned Jesus long ago in a desperate powergrab, the church has now cut a deal with the vampire nations to unite undertheir cloned savior: Dracula. LOADED BIBLE isback, courtesy of TIM SEELEY (HACK/SLASH, Nightwing) and STEVE ORLANDO(COMMANDERS IN CRISIS, Marauders), with art by GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Suicide Squad,Red Sonja) and covers by fan favorite MIRKAANDOLFO!Collects LOADED BIBLE: BLOOD OF MYBLOOD #1-6




Author/s: Orlando, Steve

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