Little One - A Cat's Tale-9781803131993

Little One - A Cat's Tale

Dent, Edna

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Little One - A Cat's Tale is all about the adventures of an extremely intelligent and curious cat. As a little kitten, she finds herself abandoned without a home and the future looks very bleak. After a stroke of good fortune, she finds herself living with a kind old woman called Mrs Gray in a little flat by the sea. Over time they build a strong relationship filled with lots of exciting incidents as Little One grows up and starts to learn about the world around her. She gets up to lots of mischief indoors and starts to yearn for new adventures in the outside world. Eventually, she gets her chance and embarks on an exciting and, at times, dangerous mission, much to the dismay of Mrs Gray who has no idea where she has gone. Once outside, Little One meets lots of new animals, making friends and learning about how they live. She also hears of the dangers of their worst enemy, the cunning fox, and eventually finds herself in grave danger of becoming his next meal. Will she escape the clutches of the fox and find her way back to the warmth and safety of the little flat where Mrs Gray awaits? Little One - A Cat's Tale is a beautifully written story of discovery, love, friendships, excitement and danger. An enchanting read for children and adults alike.

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