Lion : 'Brings war in the ancient world to vivid, gritty and bloody life' ANTHONY RICHES-9780241513125

Lion : 'Brings war in the ancient world to vivid, gritty and bloody life' ANTHONY RICHES

Iggulden, Conn

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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLEREXPERIENCE THE EPIC BATTLEFIELDS OF ANCIENT GREECE WITH MASTER STORYTELLER CONN IGGULDEN'Pacy and propulsive . . . Crackling with energy, violence and stirring speeches, Lion chronicles power struggles, political machinations and the bloodthirsty ravages of up-close combat' DAILY MAIL'Iggulden draws the Greek world convincingly and he is strongest writing battle scenes' THE TIMESTHE FIRST BOOK IN CONN IGGULDEN'S EPIC NEW SERIES THE GOLDEN AGE_______Ancient Greece, 5th century BCThe age of myths and legends has given way to the world of men. In the front rank stands Pericles, Lion of Athens. Behind Pericles lies the greatest city of the ancient world. Before him, on land and at sea, stands the merciless Persian army. Both sides are spoiling for war. Though still a young man, Pericles knows one thing: to fight a war you must first win the peace. It's time for a hero to rise. For his enemies to tremble. And for Athens, a city of wisdom and warriors, to shine with glory . . . 'The master historical storyteller returns with the first of a new pair of novels about Athenian general and politician Pericles. This swords-and-sandals epic brings the sights, sounds and smells of the ancient world to life, telling the story of the ongoing clash of empires between Greece and Persia. Conn Iggulden's research is second-to-none and his writing has never been more addictive. At home, Pericles is navigating a difficult marriage while shoring up his position in Athenian politics and art. But, in this gripping read, he also faces the ever-present threat of a resurgent Persia on the battlefield' DAILY EXPRESS_______PRAISE FOR CONN IGGULDEN:'Brings war in the ancient world to vivid, gritty and bloody life' ANTHONY RICHES'Another masterpiece from Iggulden' 5***** Reader Review'It's like being on the battlefield' 5***** Reader Review'An epic piece of historical fiction, full of political intrigue and vivid action' ROBERT FABBRI