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Let Me Liberate You : A Novel

Let Me Liberate You : A Novel

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A restless New York artist searching for purpose returns to Barbados and stumbles into the role of activist in this scathingly funny and brilliantly observed satire about privilege, family discord, and performative do-gooding. Dark, lanky, and bald, New York-raised photographer Sabre Cumberbatch can't tell if she's highly talented or just highly Instagrammable. Up to here with art critics and their gaseous praise, Sabre returns to Barbados, her childhood island home, to water her roots. She needs to quell self-doubt by doing something-anything-profoundly important. Welcoming her with bejeweled open arms is her aunt Aggie, a fearsome high-society attorney eager to show off her famous American niece. When Sabre witnesses Aggie unleash her wrath on the household staff over a minor mistake, Sabre finds her cause. During an interview for a puff piece about art, Sabre goes off-script and takes a righteous stand against the tyranny of the ruling class-starting with Aggie. Overnight, Sabre throws her family and an entire island into chaos. How many ways can the best intentions go wrong? They're racking up. But tingling with purpose, Sabre is counting on the ways they just might go right.




Author/s: Davis, Andie

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