Lazarus Volume 2: Lift-9781607068716

Lazarus Volume 2: Lift

Rucka, Greg

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Rucka's ability to write concise and targeteddialogue is on display as his characters show intense emotion through theirchosen words. Lark complements the story in almost uncanny ways as his realisticand gritty style paints the stark world in blacks and browns. Fans of Rucka andLark's earlier work (Gotham Central) should lift this book right off theshelf. -BooklistWhile Forever keeps watch on hersister Johanna, she finds hints of rebellion brewing in LA. At the same time,the Barrets, a family of "Waste," lose their home and land, and must pursuetheir only chance for a better life - a 500-mile journey to Denver in the hopethat one of their family will be noticed by the Carlyles and "lifted" to Serfstatus. Collecting all five issues of "Lift," the second story arc inthe New York Times best-selling series

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