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Last Summer in Cannes

Last Summer in Cannes

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Phil Fox is in his early eighties and enjoying his retirement lifestyle. He frequently entertains younger friends with his after-dinner tales of his experiences during his working life in London and Africa. His stories cover the period from early 1960s to 2021. Constantly besieged by the regular requests of his after-dinner tales' listeners to write them all into a book, Phil ultimately succumbs, and chooses to write the book or part-biography during what he thinks may be his last summer in Cannes. He is accompanied by his much younger friend, Amy, who acts as his secretary in return for being shown and experiencing the many delights that Cannes and the Cote d'Azur has to offer. When they unexpectedly meet a former colleague of Phil's, it is revealed that Phil's name has appeared in international police files - files such as those of the French National Police, New Scotland Yard C.I.D., Interpol, the C.I.A, and even the financial police of Italy and Monaco. What surprises them more is that Phil already knows... A delightful, intriguing summer holiday or post-holiday read, offering some humour, an insight into 1960s London as experienced by the main character, and his further experiences during later years in North Africa. A biography, perhaps, disguised as fiction with an ending linked to the Coronavirus pandemic.




Author/s: Nicholas, Edward

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