Last Lesson

Last Lesson

James Goodhand

'Devastatingly good' - Clare Mackintosh, author of After The End 13 Reasons Why meets The Wasp Factory in an impossible to put down thriller that will take your breath away. Last year, Ollie Morcombe was a star pupil, popular and a gifted musician. Then, after the accident, everything changed.

Now he's an outcast, a prime target of the school bullies who have made his life a living hell. Today - the last day of the school year - he's brought those bullies a gift. A homemade pipe bomb.

What has driven a model student to plan an unspeakable revenge? And with the clock ticking down to home time, what can anybody do to stop him?'A sensitive, gripping book about mental health and masculinity' - Samuel Pollen, author of The Year I Didn't Eat

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