Justice League: The New 52 Omnibus Vol. 2-9781779515582

Justice League: The New 52 Omnibus Vol. 2

Johns, Geoff

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In 2011, DC s New 52 era ushered in daring reinventions of pop culture s greatest characters with the Justice League at the forefront! This omnibus collection of the second half of visionary writer Geoff Johns time on Justice League pits the team against some of their greatest threats, as super-villains look to inherit Earth in the Forever Evil saga! In a flash of light, the world s most powerful heroes vanish as the Crime Syndicate arrives from Earth-3! As this evil version of the Justice League takes over the DC Universe, no one stands in the way of them and complete domination no one except for Lex Luthor. His main ally in this seemingly impossible battle? Batman. But that s just a prelude to the main event: the Darkseid War! The Justice League first came together years ago to stop Darkseid and his Parademon army from invading our Earth. Now Darkseid will once again make the planet a war zone, as Earth becomes the frontline in his battle with the Anti-Monitor one of the most powerfully destructive creatures ever created! New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns teams up with some of comics top artists, including David Finch, Ivan Reis, and Jason Fabok for the biggest battles the DC Universe has ever seen! This hardcover omnibus collects Justice League #24-52, Forever Evil #1-7, DC Universe: Rebirth #1, DC Sneak Peek: Justice League #1, Justice League feat. Secret Society #234, Justice League of America feat. Black Adam #74, Justice League: Darkseid War Special #1, Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman #1, Justice League: Darkseid War: The Flash #1, Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1, Justice League: Darkseid War: Lex Luthor #1, Justice League: Darkseid War: Shazam #1, and Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1.

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